Quality Assurance

The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity.
Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.

Our Quality

FIVE SECONDS. That is how long we have to grab the consumer’s attention. So your product package has to be perfect. We take this responsibility very seriously. Our quality assurance measures are infused through every step and every stage of our creative, manufacturing, and delivery processes. We take extensive measures to ensure the highest quality flexible &paperboard packaging every time.


As an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, Al-Aziz Group has taken the steps to ensure that we have the documentation and controls in place needed to provide the consistent quality that our customers, and their customers, demand.

Quality 100%

Our quality assurance technicians keep a constant watch over every detail in the process, from the front door to the back. Every machine operator knows, follows and documents detailed quality instructions.

Quality Lab

Our quality labs & systems are well equipped with the latest testing methods & instruments. That’s why Al-Aziz group has been known for its quality and reliability. Stated in a few words “Your Products Are Our Business. ”


We carry out the following tests in our labs from the raw materials till the goods hit the roads for final deliveries to the customers.

Our Quality Lab Testing

New product designs are subjected to a comprehensive regimen of mechanical, electrical, environmental, and functionality tests specific to the application. In-house testing capabilities, combined with independent laboratories, are used to qualify new product designs.

Corrugated Packaging
  • Paper Grammage Test
  • Paper Thickness Test
  • Bursting Strength Test
  • Edge Crush Test (ECT)
  • Flat Crush Test (FCT)
  • Moisture Test
  • Box Compression Test (BCT)
  • Cobb Test
  • Ash Test
  • Ring Crush Test (RCT)
  • Tensile Strength Test
Flexible Packaging
  • Material Specification Tests (Size, Grammage, Thickness, Treatment Level)
  • Material Quality Tests (Tensile, Tear, Sealibility, Sealing, COF, Static Charge Percentage, Tape Test)
  • Finished Goods Tests (Grammage, Ink Grammage, Shade Variation, Printing Alignment, Solvent Retention Test, Smell Test)
  • Lamination Quality Tests (Thickness, Grammage, Peeling Strength, Sealing Strength, COF, Delamination Test, Curing Test, Surface Texture Tests, Smell Test)
  • We have installed X-Rite devise (approved by Pepsi Cola International) to check total deviation against the standard parameters.

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